Hololive announces 4th festival OUR BRIGHT CONNECTION


Hololive has announced their upcoming fourth annual event “hololive 4th fes. OUR BRIGHT CONNECTION”.

Each year, Cover hosts a live stream event featuring panels, skits, and of course singing and dancing from the idols of hololive.

This year’s event called “OUR BRIGHT CONNECTION” is set to feature talents from across the different hololive fanbases including Indonesian, English, and of course Japanese.

Last year’s festival LINK YOUR WISH introduced the hololive English girls into the broader idol scope of the project and was the live stage debut of Gawr Gura, Amelia Watson, and more.

This year’s event will include all of the idols of hololive and could even be the stage debut of holoEN’s second generation: Council.

Cover has released a promo image showing all the girls of hololive in brand new idol costumes designed for this year’s festival.

At the same time, Cover will be hosting “hololive Super Expo 2023”, a live event at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall.

The hall will also be the location where fans can watch OUR BRIGHT CONNECTION live. Fans will speculatively be able to purchase digital tickets for the event.

Hololive 4th fes. OUR BRIGHT CONNECTION will begin on March 18th.


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