Hollywood is working on a Backrooms film

The Backrooms Kane Parsons

Hollywood is working on a Backrooms film based off the work by VFX artist Kane Parsons.

The Backrooms is a series of disparate shorts showing a dangerous liminal space that exists “behind” reality.

The creation is based on a 4chan creepypasta which asserts that people can accidentally “no clip” out of reality and that the Backrooms are what lie outside our perception.

Fittingly, the Backrooms are seemingly endless offices and other indoor locales. They’re the kind of place you might accidentally wander into, like a studio not in use, or an empty office under renovation.

But inside the unsettlingly still walls that are lit by yellow-tinged fluorescent lights are never-before-seen horrors.

The film will be the latest work from studio A24, a young studio that already has a cult following based on their past work. Their most popular works include The WitchMidsommar, and more.

The film is set to be directed by Parsons himself, who at the time of writing is reportedly only 17 years old.

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