Hitomi Harada Talks About Senran Kagura Estival Versus

Marvelous has been doing regular interviews with all of the voice actresses behind the girls of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, and we’ve been translating them for your reading pleasure.

In case you missed it, last week saw our translated interview with Hirata Hiromi, the voice of Miyabi—which you can view here. You can find the new Senran Kagura interview with Hitomi Harada, below:

Q: Please read one line as your character.

Hirada Hiromi: “If you want to touch boobs that much, why don’t you fondle your own?”

Please, a brief self-introduction for the audience.

Hello everyone, meeting like this is the breast. Whoops! Big and thick ones are magnificent. I’m Asuka’s voice actress, Harada Hitomi. All of that was written down for me to read.

I’m in charge of one of the leading characters—oh, is she a leading character this time? Well, I don’t know. Okay (bows), I’m Harada Hitomi, in charge of playing Asuka.

Three years have passed quickly since Senran Kagura. How did you feel about being offered a part in an “Explosive Breast Hyper-Battle”? Let’s hear your impressions, memories, and thoughts.

When it first got here, I thought about serious and diligent ninja laying their lives on the line in battle and recorded the lines. From that starting point, more and more sexy aspects came into being. Even now, it feels like we’ve created a new genre, the “Explosive Breast Hyper-Battle”. That’s the work we’ve done. Just from working on the game, we’ve had the chance to do anime, radio events, character songs, etc. for Senran Kagura. A lot of stuff has been made for it. In addition to the increasing number of Senran Kagura games, the cast of the game has also increased. Now there are 25 characters. For me, in regard to Asuka, since the very beginning I’ve been playing the main character. I think I’ve gotten used to how this works, so Asuka has grown up. In a lot of ways. All of this has been possible thanks to your kind support.

What sort of person is Asuka? How is the character like you? How is she different? Let’s hear your answers in terms of interests, nature, and other things as well.

[Text Onscreen: Tastes – Loves Training
Nature – A bright, honest, cheerful girl who looks forward. She is someone you’d want as a friend. Her breasts haven’t stopped growing, so she’s worried about that.]

Well, Asuka is … a person with a strong sense of justice.

As far as things that we have in common … hmm. I wonder. If it was up to you to decide, what qualities would we share? Personally speaking, I think one thing we have in common is integrity. We won’t compromise our beliefs. That’s my answer.

In regard to my tastes, recently I’ve been playing social games. I was always a gamer, so I was able to play through all of Senran Kagura. I also enjoy mountain climbing.

Do you enjoy the same kind of food the character enjoys? And how about the food you yourself enjoy?

Asuka loves futomaki (large roll sushi). I myself also love sushi, so I often go to sushi places. After playing Asuka, going to a sushi place and taking in the smell makes me feel very nostalgic. In that regard, we are alike – we both like futomaki and sushi in general.

The stage is a midsummer beach. Do you like beach parties or do you prefer going to the mountains? Please tell us and give us your reasons why.

I can say I like both, but I like mountains because I enjoy mountain climbing. Recently I haven’t been the ocean. If I were to go to the ocean, I’d like to go as one of the Senran Kagura people. The would be quite a spectacle.

Tell us about the highlights of this work.

The grand total of characters reached 25. Many characters have appeared in this one. Many battles will unfold. Each character has many individual traits, is cute, strong, and beautiful. Master their techniques. Speaking as a gamer, I want to spend a lot of time on it. I also like the touching the girls in the changing room. Maybe that’s going too far. The game has a lot of content, so I think I can play it for a long time. In this game, the clothes can also become transparent if they get wet. There are a lot of game elements (laughs). The producer was able to do everything he wanted to do. You can really sense the burning passion. We hope that you’ll play it and experience all these things.

Which of the new characters caught your eye?

Ryouki-san. Ryouki-oneechan. Inoue Kikuko provided her voice. When she provided the voice, I really got the feeling that the older sister had arrived. Ryouki’s age was set at 17 and we started to feel the minute details of the love the staff had for the character. So I choose Ryouki for my selection.

Were there any lines or scenes that left an impression on you?

This might be a spoiler, but the line “I want to touch more girls!”, which Asuka said.
A little strange, isn’t it? I had a lot of fun saying that line. In that scenario, there was a side of Asuka we hadn’t seen before. I remember this.

In Senran Kagura, there was a changing room where you could change into your favorite outfit. Are there any outfits you’d like to try on or is there an outfit you want Asuka to wear?

I want her to wear futomaki. Yes, a giant futomaki. Her head, arms, and legs will stick out of it. It’ll be really cute. As she fights, it’ll take damage and slowly fall apart.

For me … hmm. There are a lot of things I’d like to try. How about what Daidouji-senpai’s outfit. The gakuran. I think it looks cool, so I’m interested.

In the Senran Kagura game, costumes get torn apart during battle. Do you have any experience with your clothes suddenly tearing?

I do. Normally—wait. (looks at person gesturing offscreen) Don’t I? I don’t? (Word balloon: Like when you fell down a flight of stairs.) (nods, getting confirmation) Yes, I have experienced that. When I’m clumsy, something might rip, causing me to say “Ah!” I wonder. When I was doing a live event a few days ago, it happened. My shoulder straps were really thin. I was dancing around in the live event, and things got too crazy. The straps broke. When I realized, they were already torn. That’s when I realized how awesome the other Senran Kagura actors were. No matter how crazy their dancing was, their clothes didn’t rip. So while I was singing, I realized in the second half that something was amiss. Something was sagging. The audience was staring.

What a crazy accident. I want to be more careful. But at the time, everything worked out. From now on, I’ll watch out.

Which character in Senran Kagura would you like to make a play for?

Up till now, I was thinking Hibari-chan. I’d be fun to go after her. In addition to her, Hanabi-chan. They’re opposites, but they’re so lively. I’d set up Hanabi-chan
and then bang, she’d be naked. I want to try them both at the same time.

Please give some advice to Ryoubi and Mirai.

Even in an explosive breast hyper-battle, there are some ladies in the game with less substantial assets. Instead of mountains, they’d be small hills. About average. Both Ryoubi and Mirai are there, and I think small breasts are very nice.

Please tell us about the appeal of small breasts.

The small shape is very interesting. The girls in this story who have them are shy, get embarrassed, and worry about them. That makes you feel a lot of moe. There are some girls that wouldn’t look right without small breasts. There are a lot of charming features about them.

What parts of Senran Kagura do you like?

It’s an intense, fiery battle. There are also sexy elements. But speaking personally, I get to voice Asuka in each release in the series. As Homura’s best friend, we get to experience these battles as they unfold. This is a story with a lot of heart. That’s why these battles are important.

Please tell the people who’ll be playing Senran Kagura for the first time about the charm of the game.

Even for the people playing it for the first time, I can say that this is a game we deliver to you with confidence. There’s cuteness, sexiness, and intense, firey battles—and each of these aspects is pleasing. To those who’ve never given Senran Kagura a try—please play it!

What words would you choose to express the idea of the game?

Explosive breasts!

Do you have any hopes for Senran Kagura?

I’ve been saying this for a while, but them to make a 3D movie adaptation. I have an vision of drinking tea quietly and then having a loud commercial for it blast on the tv, startling me. 3D would allow Senran Kagura to jump out of the screen towards the audience. I think they’d enjoy it. And in this one and the next one, I want the characters to continue dashing out. What do you think?

[Offscreen coughing] The person on the staff is coughing!

[Time elapses] Speaking of another thing that’d be nice, an arcade game would be a lot of fun. The only problem with the idea is that age limitations are very strict for arcade games, so it’s probably not possible.

What is Senran Kagura to you?

Exploding breasts – it’s full of mountains.

Please give a message to everyone waiting for Senran Kagura Estival Versus – Shoujo no Sentaku to go on sale.

The new entry in the series is planned to go on sale the 26th of March. Finally. I still have to record some lines. There are even more intense battles and lots of charming new characters. I’d be happy if you could get together with your family and noisily play this game. Senran Kagura‘s best feature is its cheerful breasts. Thank you very much. This is Asuka’s voice actress, Hitomi Harada. Let’s meet again, in a game.

We’ll cover these interviews as they’re made available—so please check back later!



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