Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins Act 2: Pride and DLC Available Now

Hitman 3 Seven deadly sins pride

IO Interactive have announced the launch of the next Seven Deadly Sins season for Hitman 3; based all around pride.

As previously reported the seven content packs each delve into Agent 47’s mind, and the temptations that dwell within him. Players can unlock a sin-themed suit and at least one item that can be used across the World of Assassination. Some of these items also promise to have unique properties inspired by their sin.

The second part, available now, is the Season of Pride. Along with the Escalation mission The Pride Profusion, players be able to carry over certain items across three stages and unlock them. These are The Proud Swashbuckler, The Majestic sniper rifle, and The Narcissus Suit.

You can find the announcement, and roadmap trailer below.

Act 2: Pride is available now for $4.99 USD (as will each individual piece of the Sin DLC), or $29.99 USD for the Seven Deadly Sins Collection season pass.

In addition the game will continue to have free “live content,” with the Season of Sin. Each season will last four to six weeks, and focused on the most recently released Sin DLC. This includes Escalations, Featured Contracts, and Elusive Targets. The Season of Pride is available now, and is free to all users. The season ends June 14th, when the next major patch will start the next Season.

In addition, the Sebastian Principle tutorial escalation is available in the Hitman 3 free starter pack. The Iconoclaust Elusive Target will also be available in Mendoza on May 12th; and available for 12 days. The Icon will also be available in Sapienza from May 14th to 23rd.

Other upcoming events include Featured Contracts on May 20th, The Pasqual Consortium Escalation on May 27th, and the Paris location being free from May 28th to June 6th. The latter will also see The Black Hat elusive target.

Hitman 3 is available for Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia.

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