Hit the Streets with the First Look at Yakuza 0

The first couple of screenshots (via Famitsu) for the new Yakuza, titled Yakuza 0, were released today. Of the four shots shown, two showcase the game’s setting of Kamurocho and Soutenbori, in all their glory. The scenes display the beautifully lit nightlife that awaits players when the game finally comes out.

Kamurocho is Eastern Japan’s district of revelry. It’s lit up like a Christmas tree all night long, and has it all—whether it be sex, drugs, money, drink, or brawling. The district is the Tojo clan’s turf, meaning that this pit of desire is Kiryu’s home field.


Soutenbori is another gorgeous district full of nightlife, except it’s not quite as carnal. It’s a delight of technology and enjoyment. Of course, the underside of the district is just as dirty, but the Omi Alliance keeps a strong presence of order in these streets.


The last two screenshots show the game’s protagonists as they are in the game.

Firstly, Kazuma Kiryu:


In 0, Kiryu is 20 years old and more or less inexperienced. Yakuza 0 is sure to shed more light on the past we see so little of in the other Yakuza games, as Kazuma grows into the man we know from Yakuza. We’ll get to learn more of his ties to the Dojima family, and more about his attachment to his Aniki, Kazuma Shintaro.

Secondly, Majima Goro:


If you’ve played the Yakuza games, this crazy dude needs no introduction. Goro isn’t the crazy son of a bitch we all know yet, though, so it will be interesting to see his development over the course of the game. I fully suspect we’ll see him go from a fake “upstanding businessman” who owns a nightclub to the crazy brawler we all know and love.

The game has no release date as of yet, but production is well on it’s way, and about 65% complete at this time.

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