Hironobu Sakaguchi Wanted a Chrono Trigger Sequel – Square Denied It

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File this one under “RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD”, but it seems like Final Fantasy creator and Chrono Trigger designer Hironobu Sakaguchi had plans for the iconic time-traveling game to evolve into a series. The information was revealed by Sakaguchi-san during a panel in this year’s PAX expo.

“We wanted to continue it as a series,” Sakaguchi said. “… But — and I think the statue of limitations has passed and expired so I think I’m okay saying this — but we just didn’t see eye-to-eye with management, and so I went and fought for it, and I officially lost the battle.”

When asked about returning to other past games like The Last Story, Blue Dragon, or Lost Odyssey, Sakaguchi-san confirmed he has no official plans to continue those games. However, he did tease that it would be really fun to return to older games and continue off where they had left off”

“Just between some of us that worked on it, we would hope or we talk about it once in awhile that we’d like to.”

He reiterated his point that all of these various games are standalone experiences, and as such have not been developed into a long-running series like Final Fantasy:

“All those IPs, there isn’t a continuation or a series. Nothing’s confirmed. But again, it would be nice to be able to work on a continuation of my old creations.”

So would you guys have liked to see a true Chrono Trigger sequel, helmed by the famed creator/designer Hironobu Sakaguchi?

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  1. Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson
    August 30, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    You wonder why they didn’t see eye to eye. Latched onto something upper management considered to have more potential. Not really much to go on without hearing about how it came down.

  2. MegaJAR
    August 30, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Every time I watch that Chrono Resurrection video, I cry myself to sleep…

  3. B.E.
    August 30, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    You know..I distinctly remember getting a sequel (Cross) and not enjoying it nearly as much as the first game. Like ok, not a terrible game, maybe not all the same designers but there -was- a sequel.

    So..no. No I don’t want one. I’d love to play another game -like- Chrono Trigger, but I don’t think they story or plot of that game warrants a ‘and now the rest of the story’ concept..because it was a good game that wrapped up its ending (the main one anyhow) nicely.

    Really, what people want (and I think this is true for most old games) is ‘more of the same’. Not a sequel persay..we just wish Chrono Trigger were 50 hours long instead of 12. And yes please I’d play a super expanded remake of Chrono Trigger with 40 extra hours of content..

    But a sequel? At best you’d just get a fan service laden (the omg I love that character version not the boobs one) game that just retreaded old characters. See the persona games that’s coming out for the 3ds(or ps3 or vita for that matter) this year. That could certainly work, I know i’m excited for most of those games. (maybe not the dancing one)

    A true sequel though? No thanks. That would almost without question lead to more disappointment then anything. “Omg they got the character wrong! Omg I can’t believe the killed off..omg they would never do that! omg didn’t they already resolve that..and every other issue in this game in the first one?”..and so on

  4. Carl B.
    Carl B.
    August 30, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    That and I was looking forward to Crimson Echoes too. I don’t get why Square is so hostile towards fan projects. Japanese corporate mentality I guess.