HIGHSPEED Etoile Paddock Stories announced

HIGHSPEED Etoile Paddock Stories

Japanese developer Entergram has announced HIGHSPEED Etoile Paddock Stories, a new video game based on the HIGHSPEED Etoile TV anime that is currently airing.

The new visual novel, HIGHSPEED Etoile Paddock Stories is in development for Nintendo Switch and will launch on November 21st in Japan.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

We are the stars this time! Primastella’s Channel Starts!

Prima Stella will be presenting a variety of information related to the NEX Race, “High Speed Etoile Paddock Stories.”

This program is a special release of close-up footage of the racers who are active in the race.

We will show the daily lives of the racers and various episodes happening behind the scenes of the races, NEX Race’s promotional ambassadors, Hikari and Akari, aka “Prima Stella,” will be present!

The standing pictures and event CG in the game are newly drawn by Mr. Takuya Fujima, who is in charge of character planning and design of the game.

The episodes featuring the dainty racers are fully voiced by the gorgeous voice cast.

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