Hidetaka Miyazaki Says Bloodborne is His Favorite Souls Game

While fans of the Souls franchise endlessly debate which game is the “best” in the franchise, series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has actually sounded off as to which game is his favorite.

When asked if he could pick a favorite in the series, his answer was none other than Bloodborne – news confirmed in an interview with GameSpot Brasil.

“That is a very difficult question, and by comparison, it is as if you have three or four children and someone asks ‘which one is the prettiest?’,” he said. “I will answer that they are all (laughs).”

Miyazaki added, “But if I were to say which one stayed in my heart, it’s Bloodborne. It is what most struck me. I believe I did it my way, the way I wanted it.”

When asked if we’d ever get a Bloodborne sequel, Miyazaki said that it’s “not up to me,” suggesting Sony would have to greenlight the project, as they were the publisher on the original game and own that property.

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