Hideo Kojima’s New Game is One That Action and AAA Fans Will Love


This week’s Famitsu magazine (via Hachima) has revealed some new tidbits for Hideo Kojima’s first post-Konami game.

We’ve grabbed the pertinent information here, which you can find below:

Following your departure [from Konami] you quickly opened a new studio, but did you want some vacation time?

“I did want to relax some, but taking time off means my life schedule will get unbalanced, and no one will let that down,” Kojima said. “I still need roughly a year to get prepared. Despite our logo and website, we’ve been in a temporary office.”

“I can’t talk about it yet, but there is a secret in the logo,” Kojima said when asked what the logo means. “The entirety [of the logo] looks really cool, so we’re planning on making it into a figurine.”

Kojima also talked up why they partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment for their first game.

“I received offers from all over the world, but they still work in a Hollywood style, so I didn’t feel up to making a detailed pitch of sorts,” Kojima said.

“I was curious who would trust me implicitly with just a rough concept, which is what I found in Sony. They’re giving me lots of freedom, which makes them easy to work with.”

Regarding the new game, Kojima only let out a small tease. “It’s an incredible game. Combining the characters, plot, game mechanics, I’m brainstorming and thinking of everything in equal parts. Some things are very new to gaming, so I have to experiment a little.”

Kojima continued:

“I can’t say that it’s an open-world game, however gamers that enjoy playing AAA releases like The Division and Uncharted will be able to really enjoy it. When we officially reveal it some people may be underwhelmed that it’s not far out there, but I’m confident they’ll understand once they play it. It’s an action game.”

Finally, Kojima also talked up the most recent craze in the gaming industry: virtual reality. “I’d like to make something for virtual reality, but we don’t have anyone experienced in that. I feel VR holds one of the keys to game development’s future.”

Kojima Productions artist Yoji Shinkawa also talked up VR. “Virtual reality made me feel like I did when I first played on the Famicom as a child. I absolutely feel like there will be an entire new world borne from it.”

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