Hideo Kojima was Never Involved With Metal Gear Survive, Takes Jabs at Premise


Konami’s first post-Hideo Kojima Metal Gear title, Metal Gear Survive, hasn’t been received that well among its fanbase and even non-fans alike.

Now, the Metal Gear creator has spoken out regarding the game, and he made it quite clear that he never had anything to do with its production.

“I was completely not involved with nor do I know anything of Metal Gear Survive,” Kojima said on Twitter. “To me, Metal Gear Solid is both espionage and political intrigue. Things like zombies simply wouldn’t be in that world.”

Kojima Productions designer Yoji Shinkawa also sounded off regarding the game and its designs.

“I never heard about the game from the director, either,” Shikawa said. “Metal Gears are bipedal, moving weapons to me. Will those even be in game? To think a Metal Gear title where a Metal Gear itself isn’t included? That was the Famicom game, haha.”

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