Hideki Kamiya is Set to Reveal New Project in 2014

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This week’s Famitsu magazine has leaked, and in it is a list with a hundred Japanese developers each sharing their own New Year’s resolution and key phrase. The key phrase is what more or less encompasses their goal for the coming year, while the resolution is a thorough explanation.

One such developer that caught our attention is the talented and often outspoken Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games, who revealed that he’s working on an unannounced project. You can view his entry below:

Key phrase: Have fun making games

Resolution: There’s a lot that I hold dear in making games, but I think for developers, having fun is the most important aspect. The atmosphere of the workplace clearly demonstrates a game’s quality, so I want to treasure a team atmosphere where each member can simply have fun developing games. Also, 2014 is the year when a new project will fully be set in motion. I want to boldly and happily walk down that path without fear of failure.

We’re definitely excited to see how optimistic Kamiya-san is, despite how regularly his twitter feed attracts the trolls. I have to hand it to the guy, he puts up with a lot on the public front of things, but he makes up for it in spades as an extremely talented developer.

We’re excited to cover his new project in the new year – we’ll definitely keep you guys posted.



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