Hide Your Wallets and Purses, the Pokemon Center Online Store has Opened

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If there’s one thing Pokemon fans like to do outside of collecting Pokemon in game, it’s probably obsessing over their Pokemon outside of the games as well. Some of them choose to do this via amassing various memorabilia from the games, and now both The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have opened up a dedicated online store for all of their Pokemon merch.

Dubbed simply The Pokemon Center, it’s your one stop shop to get various Pokemon branded products like hats, accessories, t-shirts, and of course – plushies. Oh sweet jesus the plushies, don’t even look at them else your bank account will probably disappear automatically. Unfortunately, the store seems to be limited to only North American fans, although

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To celebrate the joyous launch of their store, Nintendo is giving out special Poke Ball pattern Vivillon to all owners of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, via wifi distribution. Vivillon sports a unique pair of wings depending on where you live, and it comes at level 12. Lastly, the moveset it will come with encompasses the following moves: Stun Spore, Gust, Light Screen, and Struggle Bug.

This promotion is running for a limited time, ending next week on August 12th.

For our European and Australian fans, this promotion is available to you as well – the same method of distribution will kick off in your respective regions from August 29th 2014 to September 8th of this year. If you manage to receive a Vivillon by trekking over to the Pokemon Center in Paris or stop by this year’s Gamescom, you won’t be able to receive it again unfortunately.

Keep your eyes peeled for the surprise Pokemon announcement that series boss Junichi Masuda is going to reveal at next week’s Gamescom expo – we’ll keep you guys posted.

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