Hi-Rez Studios Reveal Paladins, an Objective-Based FPS Complete with Mounts

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Tribes Ascend and Smite developers Hi-Rez Studios have announced a new game, dubbed simply Paladins.

The game is a “strategic team-based shooter” in which magic powers technology, where you’ll battle it out in larger, open arenas reminiscent of the PVP battlegrounds seen in World of Warcraft. The game also features mounts for each of the characters, which help you traverse the environments.

Here are the game’s five playable characters thus far:

(Editor’s note: there are two more confirmed characters, Pip the Fire Thief and Skye the Twilight Assassin, who can only be currently viewed on the game’s official website)

“In Paladins, teams are pitted against one another. Each combatant enters the battle with a primary weapon, a set of combat and movement abilities, and a personal mount to carry them quickly from one fight to the next,” said Hi-Rez in a press release.

“Players begin each match with a customizable deck of skill cards which can be activated and evolved upon leveling up in-match for enhanced strength, defense or utility throughout the session.”

Here’s a first look at the game, via IGN:

Paladins is going to launch some time next year on PC and current generation consoles, and you can sign up for the closed beta over on the game’s official website.



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