Alt-history stylish RPG Hexxen: Hunters announced

Hexxen: Hunters Hexxen Hunters

Hexxen: Hunters is a newly announced tactical RPG where players fight off the forces of hell.

Hexxen: Hunters will feature eight different playable characters, turn-based battles, and massive armies of undead to fight off.

The new tactical RPG is coming at some point in 2024 for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

Here’s a rundown on the game:

A hundred years have passed since the gate to Hell opened, deep in the Black Forest of southern Germany. The world has since been infested by beasts and fiends of all kinds, but portents tell of a greater threat on the horizon – your Witch Hunters are all that stand between humanity and certain doom.

An RPG with real-time exploration and turn-based tactical combat, Hexxen: Hunters takes you to a dark alternate history where the fate of the world rests on your shoulders. Liberate a remote hamlet from the clutches of an evil cult and establish your base of operations, developing it to arm your Hunters with everything from weapons and alchemical concoctions to arcane research and magical devices. Train your Hunters to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and prepare to sacrifice your very soul in the defense of humanity.

Predator and Prey

The Morning Star rises and the scent of death is in the air. Something has been terrorizing the villagers in the area for weeks, and you’ve taken on a contract to eliminate the threat. Stalking the woods, you come across a horrifying sight – your quarry today is no ordinary ghoul or vampire…

  • With a selection of eight unique Hunters to recruit, you’ll have a plethora of options to consider depending on the mission at hand. Vampires, night walkers, and demons present unique challenges, and the feuding dark cults of humanity introduce unique threats with their varied approaches to battle.
  • Each Hunter comes with their own equipment as well as specialized skill trees and mechanics to set them apart – will you rely on tricks of the occult or martial prowess to overcome those that oppose you? Goetz’ blunderbuss packs a serious punch from range, but in close quarters, Franziska’s righteous fury can vanquish the most powerful of foes. Employ Faye’s arcane machinations, powered by the essence of souls, or rely on the swirling magic of the white witch Irina to hold your ground against the onslaught.
  • Face off against both massive hordes and powerful monstrous entities – learn their attack patterns, their strengths, and their weaknesses, devising plans accordingly. But beware – procedurally generated maps for narrative missions, sidequests, and companion quests mean no two engagements will be the same across multiple playthroughs.

A Haven for Hunters

As the sun rises on a new day, your Hunters return worse for wear. First they were outnumbered by strange creatures and mutant beasts deep in the woods. The battle was hard-fought, and though they all survived, they were in no position for what came next. Ambushed by an abomination they had not seen before, your Hunters had little prior knowledge to go on, and it was only through the sheer power of faith that they found success. As they limp home, wounded and broken, they are in desperate need of rest – but time is of the essence…

  • The hamlet you have secured as your base of operations initially lies in a decrepit state, useless as anything more than a place to rest your party’s weary eyes. With enough time and resources invested in its development, it can flourish into a hideout worthy of your band. Resources are not unlimited, and time is always short, so you will have to make hard choices about which buildings to construct and upgrade. Will you focus on improving your equipment by building a smithy, will you prioritize the preparation of advanced potions by establishing an alchemist’s shop, or will you construct an abbey and use the power of faith to ward off the encroaching evil?
  • Spend time to research your adversaries and unlock new opportunities in the struggle against the forces of Hell. Your studies might turn the tide of this endless war, but be warned – the enemy will not stand idly by as you pore through musty books and ancient scrolls.
  • As you select your party of four to venture forth, your remaining Hunters can provide support from the hamlet itself. The prayers of your clerics can strengthen your efforts from a distance, while the motivation provided by hardy tankards of ale can buy vital information at the local tavern.

The Pull of Corruption

As darkness falls once more, the Morning Star glows ominously in the night sky and unexpected guests arrive at the outskirts of your town. The forces of evil are rarely aligned, and one of the cults has come seeking an alliance to further their own ambitions. They offer seductive power that you could wield for the sake of the greater good, but it may come at great cost…

  • The game features many different cults that worship various devils, with four randomly selected to appear in a single playthrough. Each campaign offers unique strategic threats and opportunities, with each cult favoring different combat styles and monstrous allies, while presenting unique missions to resolve.
  • The dark cults work in pursuit of their own goals at the expense of each other, leaving themselves open to the manipulations of those that wish to exploit them. As you face off against devils such as Asmodeus and Baal, the conflict between the great lords of Hell and their worshippers can be twisted to your advantage.
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