Hero Action Battle Royale Shadow Arena Enters Steam Early Access

Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss have announced Shadow Arena (a “hero action battle royale” set in the Black Desert universe) is now in Steam Early Access.

As stated in the press releaseShadow Arena is a hero action battle royale game, set in the same universe as the Black Desert MMO. Players are pitted against each other to be the last one standing, while slaying monsters can earn them valuable items for advantages.

Entering early access with ten heroes, the game has added the hero Venslar. “Venslar brings a brand-new combat style to the battlefield,” the press release explains, “featuring a balanced kit with both offensive and defensive skills. This new Hero will allow players to experience strategic gameplay by choosing whether to focus on being on the attack or the defense.”

Other additions include multiple difficulty levels for AI Matches, each hero can now can upgrade a skill to the Ultimate Skill level, and in-game areas “now have different characteristics in terms of monster types and levels.”

Players will also be able to purchase Hero Skins, along-side Heroes, and in-game emotes. Updates including Daily Quests, Challenges, the Ancient Weapon Puturum, and the Suspicious Cauldron will also aid players in leveling up their hero.

You can find the Early Access launch trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

Countless will fall and only one will ultimately rise victorious in the Shadow Arena.
In battles that pit 40 heroes against each other in fierce, action-packed showdowns, do you have what it takes to defeat your opponents and become the final survivor, the sole champion?

Hero Action Battle Royale
Experience a new style of PVP action in this fast-paced fantasy arena fighter where the most battle-hardened characters from the Black Desert universe compete against each other until only one is left standing on the battlefield. Playing as one of these heroes, your fight to survive the Shadow Arena will be intense, with opponents coming at you from every direction and the dark fog looming on all sides, threatening to swallow everything in its path.

The Means to Your End
Will you rain steel on your competitors with swords and weapons, or hit them with a barrage of spells? Will you outplay your opponents in direct combat or outmaneuver them with other strategies? How will you survive the arena’s giant dragon and the Ancient Ruins Guardians?
Regardless of the choices and moves you make, in the end, there is only one rule in the Shadow Arena: fight until you are the last one standing!

So enter the battlefield shrouded in darkness, where the strong eat the weak.
Because there’s no need for the weak.

Shadow Arena is in early access on Windows PC (via Steam).



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