Here’s the Full Reveal for Tales of Zestiria’s Laila

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Following our original reveal for the latest character from Tales of Zestiria, Laila, Famitsu has put up an online preview with her information, as well as some new details on the differences between humans and members of the Family of Heaven when they fight in battle.

Here’s the basic information for her to get you started:

Laila (voice actress: Miyu Matsuki)
Height: 5’8” (172 cm)
Weapon of choice: Paper Strips
Character Designer: Mutsumi Inomata

Here are some examples of some phrases she says in game:

“I’ve been patiently waiting, waiting for the person who is pure of heart and untainted, the one who can listen to my voice.”

“Oh what it means to be young! What a friendship I see between you two young men! That’s what your relationship is, right?”

“Being my protector means I’m completely trusting myself with you. You’re the keeper of my fate.”

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Laila is described as a more distant person, and she is a fire element member of the Family of Heaven. She possesses a holy sword that has been held on to, kept secret for the eventual designated owner: the legendary doshi.

After she witnesses some truly strange events, she begins looking for the doshi in her travels. After she encounters Slay and his party at a festival, she immediately prompts him to enter a marriage contract with her.

Slay becomes a vessel of the Family of Heaven, and after joining that contract with Laila, he is able to use her powers to calm down the calamitous Hyoma that wander the lands. She also serves as a teacher of sorts, sometimes getting carried away with strange thoughts that enter her mind, although she is also known for her pertinent insights.

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Battle Styles

The combat in Tales of Zestiria is a bit different regarding whether they party members are human, or if they’re a member of the Family of Heaven. Humans are generally known for being masters at close quarters combat, excelling at attacking their enemies while still moving around. If you find yourself cornered, you can use deadly Arcane Artes to help you find an opening.

If you press the circle button, this triggers a quick technique, while the x button is more focused on the Arcane Artes. Human characters are also good for soaking up the damage/attention while Family of Heaven characters can focus on channeling their Heaven Echo Artes.

Combat with a Family of Heaven character pans out a bit differently, as they special in further distances in comparison to their human allies. The circle button for them will trigger attacks that can strike enemies from a mid-range distance, while the x button will unleash their Heaven Echo Artes from afar. Enemies can be combo’ed up with an initial mid-range attack, while being finished off with a powerful Heaven Echo Arte attack.

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Two characters’ combat styles have been specifically detailed so far, as well as their unique Artes that they can tap into within battle. Mikurio is able to build up spiritual power by fighting at close range with his staff, after which he can shoot off powerful spells at a long range.

He can also use Heaven Echo Artes, as a projectile attack,  area of effect attack, a counterattack, as well as having an ability to home in on his enemies. He can also function as a healer, although his prowess is mostly limited to individuals and not the entire party. The Artes he’s confirmed to possess in his repertoire include the likes of Reaching Water, Slicing Water, Splash, Twin Flow, and Violet High.

Edna is able to fight with an umbrella at close range, a weapon you shouldn’t underestimate. She’s able to unleash spiritual energy in the form of bullets or binding techniques, but only after she opens up her umbrella. She takes a page out of Mikurio’s book in that she too is able to cast area of effect Heaven Echo Artes, and she can even slow down time. Lastly, she has the ability to connect characters in a way that most other spellcasters can’t. The Artes she is able to tap into are Air Pressure, Final Embrace, Powder Snow, Rock Lance, and Sky.

Tales of Zestiria is currently in development for Playstation 3.

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