Here’s the First Look at Persona 5’s Four Main Characters

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Atlus has updated their official Persona 5 Tokyo Game Show website with the first official descriptions of the game’s four main characters.

Featured below, we have the first details for the quartet who make up the “Phantom Thieves.”

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The Protagonist (voice by Jun Fukuyama)

He’s the leader of the Phantom Thieves. A second-year high school student, the 16-year old boy recently transferred to Shujin High School, in the city. While he’s normally quiet and behaves accordingly, when donning the “phantom thief” disguise, he becomes an entirely different person. His reasonings for moving to the city to the country’s capital are currently unknown, however, he currently lives at the Shiken Cafe, a place run by a parents’ friend.

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Ryuji Sakamoto (voice by Mamoru Miyano)

He’s another 16-year old student at Shujin High School, however unlike the protagonist, Ryuji is a bit of a troublemaker and consistently stands out of the crowd. His behavior is often reliant on the good will of the school’s advisors and teachers. It’s unclear as to what drove him to be a delinquent, although he wasn’t always such a problem child.

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Anne Takamaki (voice by Nana Mizuki)

Unlike the protagonist and Ryuji, Anne is a 16-year old quarter-American girl who also attends Shujin High School. Due to her distinctly unique appearance, she is unable to fit in with the other students, and she tends to be isolated as a result. However, she ends up hanging out with the protagonist and Ryuji. There are suspicious rumors surrounding Anne, although they remain gossip and are unconfirmed.

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Morgana (voice by Ikue Otani)

The most strange character in the Phantom Thieves, there isn’t much known about her. While she is the size of a child, she visibly resembles a black cat, with her true identity being unknown. She might be wearing something on her head? That’s about all we have to go off of at this time.

It’s worth mentioning these are not the only characters to make up the Phantom Thieves, as you’ll naturally be recruiting characters throughout the game’s story.

Persona 5 is launching for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in summer 2016. If you missed the game’s latest trailer, you can find that here.

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