Here’s the First Look at Omega Quintet on Playstation 4

omega quintet 05-07-14-2

It didn’t take long for the online preview for Omega Quintet, Compile Heart’s newly revealed Playstation 4 exclusive idol simulator RPG, to go up via Famitsu.

While the preview doesn’t give us much information, it does give us the first artwork for the game’s five heroines who make up the idol unit, the last glimmering hope for humanity’s salvation against a mysterious Beep calamity.

You can find the five idol girls below:

Otoha (voiced by Riho Iida)

omega quintet 05-07-14-3

Kyouka (voiced by Rui Tanabe)

omega quintet 05-07-14-4

Kanadeko (voiced by Moe Toyota)

omega quintet 05-07-14-5

Nene (voiced by Inori Minase)

omega quintet 05-07-14-6
Aria (voiced by Erii Yamazaki)

omega quintet 05-07-14-7

Omega Quintet is set for a release in Japan on September 18th.

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