Here’s the First in-Game Screenshots for Sword Art Online: Lost Song

sword art online lost song 10-21-14-4

We’ve gotten a closer look at Sword Art Online: Lost Song, the latest game adaptation from the anime/light novel original. Click that previous link if you still haven’t seen the game’s debut trailer, it’s pretty fun.

The new direct feed screenshots are courtesy of Dengeki Online, although no further information for the game was confirmed with the screenshots.

sword art online lost song 10-21-14-1

The Dengeki preview also has an interview with series creator Reki Kawahara and Sword Art Online: Lost Song producer Yosuke Futami, which we’ve already covered last week in our preview for the game.

Some of the more notable bits of information to keep in mind are that other characters outside of Kirito are playable in Sword Art Online: Lost Song, and that you can fly around freely, as the game takes place in Alfheim Online.

sword art online lost song 10-21-14-3

If you’ve been perusing the screenshots, you’ll probably have noticed the game’s current user interface, as as well the way character statuses and such display. The shots also feature dungeons and giant rock golems, and also some winged beasties that you’ll inevitably smack into as you soar through the skies.

sword art online lost song 10-21-14-2

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is coming some time next year in Japan on both Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita.

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