Here’s Some Juicy Details for The Order: 1886

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Sony is taking their investment with The Order: 1886 very seriously, and as such they have completely showcased the game in Japanese, with a trailer fully in Japanese as well.

You can view the trailer below:

Coupled with this new Japanese dubbed trailer, an entirely new synopsis of the game was published. Naturally, there is some new information to whet your appetite, so please give the translated information a read:

“It is said that the changes began around the 7th or 8th century.

Mutations suddenly appeared in the human genetic code. While the change wasn’t immediately visible, some humans started to exhibit physical traits similar to lowly beasts. Eventually, they became a species completely different from human, a species later called the half-breed (half man, half beast).

Over time humans started to call half-breeds condescending names, comparing them to monsters of folklore and legend. Naturally, fighting and confrontations started to arise between humans and half-breeds. Humans had the advantage over half-breeds in sheer numbers, but they were physically inferior to their resilience and accelerated regenerative powers.

Eventually, humanity developed technology that would finally give them a chance to retaliate against the half-breeds. Brave men and women devoted their lives to the war against the half-breeds, taking up the title of knights, later forming The Order. Since then, many knights have died in battle, but The Order has continued on. If a knight is killed, a successor to his or her name is brought forth, and they continue to fight for humanity.

In 19th century London, the conflict between humanity and the half-breeds continues, even now in the dilapidated district of Whitechapel, one of the many ruined districts that will be remembered in posterity. This area has become a turning point battleground over the years.

The development of the sciences and the advancement of the industrial revolution has given humanity a mighty advantage. Gigantic airships patrol the skies of London, sometimes anchoring at massive mooring towers to help watch the city center. Electric powered railways have become the lifeblood of the city, connecting workers between each district. With these technologies, humanity finally has the advantage over the half-breeds for the first time.

As the threat of the half-breeds continues to decline, a new foe appears before the knights: a revolution within the British Empire. Citizens suffering of poverty, angry at the gap between the classes of citizens, have united and taken arms to rebel against the Queen and The Order. Apparently, there’s more than half-breeds and rebels for the knights to fight.”

The Japanese reveal also shared some tidbits regarding the Knights that make up The Order, those of which we haven’t heard much about. While Ready at Dawn are still keeping most of their cards close to their chest, these details are definitely interesting:

“The Knights make up the elite Order which protects the human race. The Order was founded in order to fight the half-breeds that haunted and threatened humanity’s very existence over the past few centuries. It’s never been clear how and when The Order was formed, but it has been in existence for a time longer than the British Empire itself.

Each individual member of The Order holds a great reputation within the British Empire. It’s not a rare occurrence to see a Knight wearing the most advanced, custom made equipment while investigating attacks or remnants of crimes from the enemy. All knights have absolute loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen of the British Empire. It seems, all of the knights share a common secret.”

The Order: 1886 currently has no release date, although it is rumored to be coming out sometime next year.

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