Here’s a Giant Batch of Info and Gameplay for The Guided Fate Cross Thesis

the guided fate paradox ss 1

It’s been a little while since Nippon Ichi Software has revealed The Guided Fate Cross Thesis, their upcoming sequel to The Guided Fate Paradox. The sequel features many improvements and changes from the original, but it’s also set for a Playstation 3 release this summer.

Thankfully, Famitsu has gone up with a very thorough preview of the game, which you can find below:

General Development Information

  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software
  • Release Date: July 24th, 2014
  • Price: 6,800 yen (standard), 5,714 yen (download), 8,800 yen (limited)
  • Limited Edition: Includes “Original Soundtrack CD” and “Art Book.” The soundtrack CD includes the game’s background music, as well as vocals from its dual heroines (Asami Imai and Yumi Hara).
  • First-Run Bonus: “Original Radio CD ‘The Guided Fate Cross Thesis x Nippon Ichi Radio Special Version’”
  • Development Status: 65% percent

Development Staff

  • Producer: Sohei Shinkawa
  • Game Design and Planning: Kei Nanasato
  • Project Manager: Kentaro Niwa
  • Character Design: Noizi Ito and Airi Hori
  • Composer: Yosei Teikoku


The destiny of a young man was completely changed, even after Satanadia was defeated, the demon’s power wasn’t completely sealed. In the meantime, the armies of heaven haven’t been able to keep the demon armies at bay, mostly due to their ineffective use of guerrilla warfare. Previously, they used the Fate Awakening Crystal to transform the protagonist into a god, after which he joins the battle.

In the sequel, the protagonist is confronted with a very dire question – who to save? If he saves one woman, the other one will die.


  • Protagonist – A boy who was transformed into a god by the Fate Awakening Crystal.
  • Jupiel Chuumi – An angel who is always at the protagonist’s side. She is very powerful, and she hopes to one day be as strong as her older sister, who is the head angel.
  • Arle Toue – She is the demon who transformed the protagonist into a god. She is trapped within her physical body, but she is given the opportunity to live in heaven, so long as she studies the gods.


  • Perspective and graphics have gone from an isometric 2D style to a full overhead 3D style.
  • The game uses a more cartoon shaded style.
  • Characters are now super deformed, instead of the original’s more normal proportions.
  • The roguelike procedural generation of dungeons remains the same in the sequel.
  • You can pick up items and such in dungeons.
  • The upgrading system is connected to the ultimate choice (which girl to save), and will be fully detailed later.
  • Due to the equipment being so in depth and overwhelming in the first game, these systems will be more detailed in the sequel.

Additionally, Nippon Ichi Software revealed a trailer and some gameplay for the game, which you can find below:







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