Here’s a Bunch of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Trailers

warriors orochi 3 ultimate ss 1

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is an upgraded port of Warriors Orochi 2 (known as 3 here in the West), featuring new enhancements and a bunch of new characters.

Now we have oodles of footage for most of the characters in the game thanks to a new batch of trailers from Tecmo Koei, most notably Kasumi, Sophitia, Sterk, Momiji, and so on.

Playstation Vita trailer:

Kasumi Gameplay:

Mae Tamamo Gameplay:

Momiji Gameplay:

Nezha Gameplay:

Rachel Gameplay:

Seimei Abe Gameplay:

Shennong Gameplay:

Sophitia Gameplay:

Sterkenburg Cranach Gameplay:

Xu Shu Gameplay:

Yinglong Gameplay:

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate actually launched today in Japan, but there has been no confirmation of a western release date.



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