Henry Cavill calls sex scenes “overused”

Henry Cavill

In a recent interview with Josh Horowitz, Henry Cavill explains how he doesn’t “understand” sex scenes and considers them “overused”.

When the topic of the scenes came up, Cavill chimed in saying “I also don’t understand them, I’m not a fan, before going on to agree that they’re “awkward” and “overused”. You can see the full interview below (the conversation on sex scenes begins at about 15:50).

Henry Cavill, who’s largely known for his acting roles as Superman and Geralt from The Witcher Netflix series is famous in nerdy spaces for being an unapologetic fan. According to some rumors, Cavill’s dedication to supporting fans led to his removal from The Witcher since he reportedly prioritized accuracy to the lore and canon over the changes Netflix’s writers wanted to make.

His recent appearance on Josh Horowitz’s show has further endeared the actor to fans for his enthusiasm for Warhammer 40k.


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