Help Keanu and Sandra Maneuver a Runaway Bus in Tribute Games’ Terminus

terminus 08-14-15-1

Tribute Games have made a game during a two-day game jam, dubbed simply “Terminus.”

The game is essentially Speed the game, by that I mean you’ll be helping “Keanu” and “Sandra” to control a runaway bus. The goal is to maintain the proper speed of the bus, as there’s a bomb strapped to the bottom of it.

Terminus is only controllable with a gamepad (also supports both Xbox or Playstation 4 controllers), where you maneuver the bus with the left stick, and speed up with the left trigger. You’ll be able to control Keanu with the right stick, and interact with passengers on the bus via the right trigger.

Naturally, you’ll have to placate the distressed passengers with Keanu, and make sure to flirt with Sandra to keep her happy as she drives.

With art Stéphane Boutin & Dom2D, code by JF Major, and music/sound by Jean Chan, the game certainly looks to recapture that feel in that 90’s movie. You can find Terminus over on Tribute Games’ itch.io page, for free.

Tribute Games are currently working on Curses ‘N Chaos, which is launching on August 18th across Playstation 4, PS Vita, Steam PC & Mac.



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