Help Demand a North American Physical Release of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

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Nintendo censoring lewd costumes from Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water isn’t the only issue the Wii U-exclusive is experiencing.

Before the game’s localization announcement, passionate fans united under the Operation Zero campaign, and following the news of the game coming west, the unfortunate news arrived – the game was an eShop exclusive in North America, while European and Japanese users were getting a retail copy of the game.

Now, fans are campaigning to get the game a physical release here in North  America, despite Nintendo’s reluctance to address the issue. The mission statement for Operation Zero’s campaign can be found below:

What opzero aims to do is to show publishers (specifically Nintendo of America) that there is a profitable demand for the Fatal Frame (aka project zero) intellectual property and customers have been waiting for this one especially.

What opzero has done so far is provided a voice for customers and fans of the Fatal Frame franchise to convince that this latest game was worthy for western localization. This was an ongoing endeavor that took about a year, but it seems to have worked as illustrated in the Nintendo Direct announcement- image1.JPG
The fact that they specifically acknowledged “fans clamoring” possibly alludes to the fact that Nintendo of America is listening and heard opzero.

16GB is the file size for Fatal Frame 5 so that renders the standard WiiU console ineligible for downloading the game unless NoA is expecting customers to purchase an external hard drive with a power source as well (and a power strip too). Even the deluxe model WiiU which despite being 32 GB is actually closer to 22 GB will not leave much room for anything else.

I know that we’re a bit late on reporting on the campaign itself, however, we have consistently made note of the game being an eShop exclusive here in North America in all of our reports for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.

We believe that a physical release for the game is a must as it is getting one in all other territories. With the game launching tomorrow in North America, there is still time to contact Nintendo and let them know you want a physical release of the game, via this online petition. You can also the publisher know via Nintendo of America’s direct contact:

Number: 1-800-255-3700 followed by option 5 and then option 3
Email: This link will get you NOA’s email
Twitter: @NintendoAmerica

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