Hellraid Gameplay Video, Now With Dev Commentary

Remember Techland, the developer that put out the zombie-killing first person Borderlands-alike game “Dead Island”? Well, they’ve been busy creating their next game, Hellraid, and it seems like they really want you to know about it. Though the game was looked over by most outlets during this summer’s E3 news blitz, Techland nonetheless put out a gameplay video showing off the upcoming hack-n-slasher. That video, now with some insightful developer commentary, was recently uploaded on their youtube channel. You can see it below:

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m liking the Hexen/Witchaven style combat and its rpg-lite gameplay. I didn’t really care for Dead Island due to the RPG aspects feeling tacked on, and this game seems to eschew most of those features in favor of pure melee brutality. Sort of like another Dark Messiah of Might & Magic…Which makes sense, since Techland has stated they want to replicate the 90’s gaming aesthetic and want to return to the simpler no-frills combat seen in Hexen.

Hellraid will be a digital only game that is slated to release sometime next year, provided everything goes smoothly. More info can be found on the game’s official website.

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