Hellblade is Still in Prototyping Phases, Gameplay is Coming in 2015

hellblade 10-6-14-1

Ninja Theory revealed quite the bombshell with Hellblade, their new action/adventure game, at this year’s E3.

Unfortunately for their fans, a current status/ETA on the game wasn’t really given. It’s been months since then, and now the developer has taken to their official Twitter for a brief Q&A with their fans.

They revealed that Hellblade was still in the prototyping phases, and that gameplay would be coming sometime early next year. A few variations are currently being prototyped, and they include:

  • Whether the game will feature a more open/explorable world or not
  • Whether you will be able to customize stats and equipment
  • What sort of weapons will be available (a sword is confirmed)
  • Story decisions (the final script is still being worked on)

Hellblade is currently in development for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.



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