SUCCESS Corp announces roguelike shooter HEAVEN SEEKER


Japanese developer SUCCESS Corporation has announced HEAVEN SEEKER: How to Save This Cruel World, a new roguelike twin-stick shooter.

HEAVEN SEEKER is in development for Windows PC (via Steam). A release date wasn’t announced but languages supported include Japanese, English, and Chinese.

A free prequel demo titled HEAVEN SEEKER Prologue will be available on Steam beginning September 21st, and will include two playable characters.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

HEAVEN SEEKER is a twin-stick roguelite shooter where you capture the sky castle with your own shots! A barrage shooting game in which you operate a “seeker” with two sticks to explore a dungeon.

The structure of the dungeon changes each time you enter, and the terrain/enemies/items you encounter are random. And when HP reaches 0, you lose all the items you got in that exploration. Aim to traverse the dungeon with the once-in-a-lifetime magic you encounter while exploring!

The nature of the shots fired from the explorer’s weapon “Grimoire” can change freely depending on the combination with the customization item “Sidebook”. Advance your dungeon capture with your own magic customization.

By repeating dungeon capture, new elements will be unlocked. In addition, constant character enhancement elements “skills” that help exploration will also appear.


  • Explore a dungeon that changes every time you enter – In this game, you move with the left stick and aim with the right stick. A barrage shooting game in which you freely manipulate characters and explore random dungeons. When your HP reaches 0, you will lose all the items you obtained during the expedition. By exploring many times and learning the pattern of the room and the nature of the enemy, the player will accumulate experience.
  • Create your own magic shot – You can change the properties of the player character’s shots by freely combining over 20 customization items. Items are randomly obtained for each exploration, so each time the player dives into the dungeon, they will fight with a different “self-made shot” each time.
  • Dot art style game visuals – In the visuals of this work, all in-game elements such as player characters, enemies, and dungeons are drawn with high-quality dot art.


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