Heaven Burns Red Debut Trailers, Pre-Registration Now Available

Heaven Burns Red Debut Trailers

WFS and Key have shared the Heaven Burns Red debut trailers, as well as launched pre-registration for the game on both iOS (via the App Store) and Android (via the Google Play Store).

Here are the Heaven Burns Red debut trailers:

Character trailers:

Here’s a rundown on the 2021-planned game:

Heaven Burns Red is a story of girls who are entrusted with the last hope. A dramatic RPG that challenges you to fight for your life while running around the field and experiencing the irreplaceable everyday life!


The Earth is on the verge of being attacked by a mysterious life form called the Cancer.

The Earth is on the verge of being attacked by a mysterious life form called the “Cancer”. The “Cancer” is unable to attack with any of the weapons that humanity has created so far, and humanity, having no way to fight it off, is defeated without a fight. The land was abandoned, and various countries were lost to the ravages of war. Most of the land is now under the control of the “Canthar”.

The human race had little time left, and was on the verge of extinction when a new weapon was developed. That weapon is the Seraph, a weapon of war. Only those who were equipped with it could deal an effective blow to the Cancers. Mankind gathered together those who had the ability to control the Seraphs and established the Seraph Corps as their last hope. Those who could control the Seraphs had one thing in common. They were all girls with some kind of talent.

One such girl was Gekka Kayamori. She also throws herself into the battle against the Cancer.


  • This is the first time we’ve seen a game like this, and we’ve seen a lot of games like “AIR”, “CLANNAD”, “Little Busters! Key Associate Maeda, who has created numerous masterpieces such as “AIR”, “CLANNAD”, “Little Busters! and “Another Eden” and “Annihilation City”, has teamed up with Lightflyer Studio to create the first completely new game in 15 years.
  • This is the first completely new game in 15 years, depicting “the story of girls who are entrusted with the last hope.
  • The game is fully voiced by a total of 50 voice actors and actresses.
  • A total of 50 gorgeous voice actors will fully voice the unique characters.
  • Simple yet profound command battles where coordination between characters is the key.


  • Kaminori Tsukiuta (CV: Kusunoki Tomori, Vo.: XAI)
  • Yuki Izumi (CV: Ryoko Maekawa)
  • Megumi Aikawa (CV: Anju Iha)
  • Tsukasa Tojo (CV: Yurina Amami)
  • Karen Asakura (CV: Yu Serizawa Vo.: Konomi Suzuki)
  • Tama Kunimi(CV:Aoi Koga)

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