Hearthstone patch nerfs Drek’Thar and buffs Rogue and Warlock


The latest patch notes for Blizzard’s online Collectible Card Game Hearthstone have been released. These new patches include a drastic nerf to the Legendary Minion Drek’Thar, and a smattering of buffs for Rogue and Warlock cards; as well as some other minor changes.

Drek’Thar has been a problem in aggressive decks ever since the new card set Voyage to the Sunken City released last month. Particularly Demon Hunter decks have made use of the card to end games early on with their new damaging spells and strong, new, Naga minions.

This is the same Drek’Thar that Blizzard sold for a whopping $25. A single card. Those who bought the card by the time of the nerf will be reimbursed 3000 gold to compensate, while still keeping their card.

A problem in card games has always been power creep, especially when an older card can interact with new cards to great effect. Drek’Thar was one of two mascots for the Fractured in Alterac Valley set and was considered balanced for that entire run. But the new low-cost minions in the game’s latest set have made Drek’Thar too impactful, necessitating the change.


  • Old: Battlecry: If this costs more than every minion in your deck, summon 2 of them.  New: Battlecry: If this costs more than every minion in your deck, summon one of those minions.

This change effectively halves the impact Drek’Thar has. While before he would pull two minions from a player’s deck and play them, he now only pulls one. His counterpart: Vandar Stormpike, remains unaffected.

There are also two minor nerfs to the Demon Hunter’s Multi-Strike and Hunter’s Dragonbane Shot. Both have had their cost increased by one, a minor change, but it’s clear Blizzard’s intention is to slow down the current meta.

Rogue and Warlock cards have gotten a series of buffs this time around. Many of their cards have had their costs reduced and the attack power of their minions increased. Especially of note is the Wildpaw Gnoll card going from 3 attack, to 4 attack. This card can be “cheated” out early thanks to its ability to reduce its mana cost when Rogues generate cards from other classes.

For the full list of patch notes you can check out the official site here. Let’s hope they don’t break the game again.

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