Japanese tabletop game Heart of Crown gets digital version on PC

Heart of Crown

Indie game studio illuCalab has launched early access for the digital version for Heart of Crown, their fantasy card-battling game.

Heart of Crown is a digital version of the card game of the same name and is now on PC (via Steam). It first released in 2011 and has sold over 50,000 copies in total in Japan.

It is a deck growth type game suitable for four players, and the players are playing a princess who is a candidate for the succession to the throne in order to restore order in the kingdom, conquer territory, and gain supporters by dropping them.

The game is based on the second version of the card game released in 2022, and while translating the game to a 3D space, it also enhances the ease of play.

In the early access version, you can play online matches and offline matches against the CPU with weekly supplies (card sets), and you can receive continuous updates without additional charges.

There are two types of online matches: Quick Match, where the player can play with an unlimited number of people, and Private Match, for more closed matches and only with online friends. The game requires constant Internet connection.

In addition, the update roadmap after release will be released. Over the course of approximately one year of development, the game will expand on ranked matches, single mode, original graphics, and music.

At the time of early access, online and offline battles will be implemented using weekly supplies (card sets).

In future updates, illuCalab plans to implement a ranked match mode where you compete for the title, a single mode that allows even one person to play for dozens of hours, and new card sets and expansions to improve the UI and production. In addition, a console version will be released with the official release, and cross-platform battles will also be implemented.

A release support campaign is running until May 8th (Wednesday), with users tweeting #HatokuraDistribution to enter the lottery to get a physical copy of the game.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

The great emperor’s untimely death… Seven princesses are candidates for his succession! Who will save the empire from chaos?

HEART of CROWN Online is a deck-building card game based on HEART of CROWN 2nd Edition, which was relaunched in 2022.


A four-player turn-based game. Use the money you earn from your estates to buy new lands and various action cards to advance your game. Once you have enough resources, you’re ready to recruit the Princess! Every Princess has a powerful effect, but be careful, the early bird gets the worm. Get the senators, dukes, and other influential people on your side, and when your “succession score” reaches 20 points, you will be crowned. The throne is yours. Online cross-play support! Ranked matches and free matches are also available.


In a wild time when swords and magic still ruled the world, an empire had united the entire continent and ended a long war.
However, before the peace could be solidified, the great emperor fell ill,
without a successor in place……

If this continues, we could be back to a war-torn world! You are one of the most powerful people in the empire. You must quickly establish the emperor’s throne and ensure the unity and peace of the continent. The emperor had no male children, but fortunately, he had seven candidates to succeed him, including two princesses of direct descent.

Now, let’s get the princess of your dreams to ascend to the throne!

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