Head Back to the Play Area with this Preview of Toy Soldiers: War Chest

The wonders of growing are a most fond memory. In those moments of innocence, everyone took to their action figures and playsets and used one of the most important traits of our time: imagination. We used our imagination to create battles, fights, and incredible moments. We were fascinated by all sorts of  figures from G.I Joe to X-Men, all the way to My Little Pony:FiM and Transformers. In movies like Toy Story, we have always fantasized what would happen if those imaginations came to life, how it would act, and what it would be like. Ubisoft is taking a simlar step with their newest , Toy Soldiers for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Today on the PlayStation Blog, Ubisoft unveiled a quick preview of their newest game. Toy Soldiers is described as a unique, full-fledged tower defense game, utilizing the advantages of full, three dimensional views. The staples of tower defense return but with a new, exciting twist. The game incorporates elements of a third person shooter as well. At any one moment, players can take full control of aircraft, vehicles, and soldiers on the battlefield.  Even more so, that mechanic is written into the game’s structure for unique rewards and not just tacked on for accessibility. Coupled with this is destructible terrain, players can destroy roads and bridges to cut off and route enemy forces.   The blog post from Sid Schuman explains it a bit more,

“The tower defense gameplay is mashed up with elements of third-person shooters. This means you can hop into a turret and operate it manually from an intense third-person shooter perspective — and you’ll want to, because it boosts your killing power and gold rewards. You can also call on your uber-powerful hero (more on that in a second) to enter the fray, while you hose down the incoming armies using standard third-person shooter inputs.”

Signal Studios is in charge of the development of  Toy Soldiers. Check out Signal Studios for more on Toy Soldiers’ development, as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages. For more on the blog post and the preview, check out the PlayStation Blog here.

Look for Toy Soldiers to arrive in 2015. In the meantime, I’m going to fire up Netflix and check out the 1998 Dreamworks classic movie Small Soldiers, featuring The Commando Elite and the Gorgonites, with Kirsten Dunst, Dennis Leary, and  Tommy Lee Jones as Major Chip Hazard. Toy Soldiers is looking great but to see The Commando Elite and Gorgonites fighting in next-gen glory? THAT would be gaming gold.

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