Haunted Chocolatier dev shares new tidbits with a teaser screenshot

Haunted Chocolatier

While ConcernedApe’s new game Haunted Chocolatier is still a ways off and we don’t know much, the dev has shared tidbits for the game this week.

The above screenshot was shared by Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone, the sole developer behind Stardew Valley and now Haunted Chocolatier. Right after posting it, Barone, ever the perfectionist, commented on his own work.

“Someone pointed out the perspective looks kinda weird around the passageway, and on the drop down spots. And I agree, so I’ve been working on it,” he said.

When fans started replying and naturally asking questions, the developer replied in turn. The game will be “similar to Stardew in some ways” but it’s not about “running a farm.” Further, Barone noted that the game “feels quite different.”

“It’s gonna be its own separate game with a self-contained identity… it’s not a Stardew 2,”Barone said. “But there might be some shared lore, I haven’t nailed down exactly to what degree the two will be connected”

Elsewhere in the thread the developer was also asked on funding, scale, and a timeline on how long it’ll take for the game to get completed.

When asked how many projects he’s working on currently, Barone said Haunted Chocolatier is “mostly” his focus, but he still spends some of his time on “Stardew Valley stuff.” He did outright proclaim he has “no other projects”, though.

In terms of development, the developer said “progress is pretty good, but it does take a long time to make a game,” and as noted above he is a perfectionist and is “making this completely from scratch”, although there could be rare recycled assets, “if it makes sense.”

Lastly, in terms of how much Haunted Chocolatier will be priced at, Barone noted “the price will probably be the same as Stardew. It definitely won’t be more”

His previous game, Stardew Valley, is available for Windows PC (via GOG, and Steam) Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Android, and iOS – as well as more recently on Xbox Game Pass. In case you missed it, you can find our review for Stardew Valley here (we highly recommend it!)



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