Hate+ Promises Even More Hate


Analogue: A Hate Story is one of the most compelling games you can play right now. The game deals with the fate of a Korean space colony that devolves into a kind of neo-feudalism. You arrive centuries after everyone has died, and are tasked with finding out what happened. You accomplish this by going through the ship’s logs, and interacting with A.I.

Games like Bioshock: Infinite are universally praised for moving the medium forward, and for being so daring as to attack ideas about white privilege and religion. However, said ideas are so antiquated, that the only people that still adhere to them will all be dead within the next decade. Analogue does pretty much the same thing, but better.

It actually lets you have insight into the hows and whys of its dystopia, and actually involves some kind of player urgency, meaning you get to make choices about your feelings regarding the things you learn – and have the game react to that. You can’t shoot birds out of your hands, but I promise it’s more intellectually stimulating than running down hallways shooting guys in the face, while you pass by obligatorily racist set pieces like you’re stuck in a theme park run by the Westboro Baptist Church.

If you haven’t played Analogue, do it now, because its sequel is coming. Bashing of Bioshock aside, the first game really is quite spectacular, and the game’s creator Christine Love is one of the most unique and talented voices to come into the industry in a while. The sequel comes out on the 18th, and I’m pissed I didn’t know about it sooner.



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