Has Sony Bought Crash Bandicoot Back?

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There have always been rumblings of Sony looking into getting Crash Bandicoot back as a wholly owned IP, ever since its departure from being an exclusive franchise – even though it wasn’t owned by Sony at the time.

A reddit user has taken it upon him or herself to gather together all of the interesting things that have been going on with Crash’s digital appearance on the net in the recent few years. Most notably, his entire section on parent company Activision’s website has been completely taken down.

To add onto the validity of this possibility, Sony’s Playstation 4 launch trailer has a very quick, very small teaser at Crash coming back to Playstation in some capacity, which you can see below:

crash sony playstation teaser

This naturally led to fans clamoring for the possibility that Crash was making a comeback, that he would be in a new game developed by a Sony Studio. Things got very interesting though, Sony VP of Publisher and Developer relations Adam Boyes had this to say:

Naturally, this made many people wonder what Activision’s stance was on the whole thing. Videogamer.com Editor David Scammell reported that Activision had said “no comment” to the whole thing:

Finally, Mike Futter from Game Informer reported on an Activision rep who actually confirmed something more concrete, in which they said:

“Activision owns Crash Bandicoot and we continue to explore ways in which we could bring the beloved series back to life,”

So there you have it, we’ll keep you guys updated but it seems like Crash is still in the hands of Activision.

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