Halo 2 impossible challenge is finally completed 18 years later

Halo 2

A few weeks ago, we reported on the Halo 2 impossible challenge that streamer and Youtuber Charlie “Cr1TiKaL” White had laid down for the community.

In his initial video, Cr1TiKaL explained that over the last 18 years, Halo 2 had been picked clean, every challenge had been completed, except for one.

That challenge was to complete the game on Legendary difficulty, single player with all skulls except envy on with one life. He claimed that he wanted to see that challenge finally completed and put a $5,000 bounty up for the first person who could complete the challenge.

When a few weeks passed and no one claimed the prize, he raised the amount to $20,000 to entice more people to get involved in the challenge.

This week, it appears that the final challenge of Halo 2 has been, at last, completed and the book can be shut on that amazing title. Twitch streamer Jervalin livestreamed himself completing his 6 hour and 40 minute run of the Moist Cr1tiKaL Challenge:

That’s right, the challenge that had been nearly 20 years in the making has finally been completed by the man who many had already pegged to be the one who would complete it.

Jervalin has a long history as a streamer who completes Halo challenges, and had been pushing himself towards completing this challenge since it was first announced.

By the time he did complete the challenge, he reacted as calmly as he could, as if it was just another day in the office and not a big deal. However, his family who rushed into the room couldn’t hold back their excitement in a moment that was particularly heartwarming.

Cr1TiKaL posted a video on Youtube about Jervalin’s accomplishment saying, “I’ve been so happy to lose $20,000”.

With this challenge completed, Jervalin has placed his name in the history books as the man who trully “finished” Halo 2.



Tyler was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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