Hallucinate to Death in One Way Trip for the PS Vita and PS4

It’s a known fact that the brain is one of the most complex organs in the entire human body. Sure, the brain learns, seeks, remembers, feels emotions, however, even the best scientists feel puzzled by the mysteries of what the brain is capable of.

What we bring into our bodies, the mind experiences through a series of electrical impulses traveling throughout the nerves. Whatever those experiences are must be absolutely overwhelming. This is the world that One Way Trip invites you to see.


Just announced via the PlayStation Blog, One Way Trip is a fascinating indie game being exclusively developed for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

In the game, you and your brother have drunk water that is tainted with some kind of unknown, hallucinogenic chemical. The rest of the nation has fallen under this spell as well.

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While you have only 6 hours to live, you’ll be experiencing very strange sights, including what is described as “limbs turned into cartoon dolphins.” It’s also described as an exploration game about facing death but in an interesting, humorous way.

As for the combat system, it is described as an interesting hybrid between a turn-based system and modern day third-person cover shooters. The trailer posted above says it all.

Michael Frauenhofer, who also designed the game app known as Demon Chic, is the project lead for One Way Trip. Check out his works, art, and posts on his twitter and bandcamp pages. Look for One Way Trip sometime in 2015.



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