Hack ‘n Slash Lost Ark Online Debuts a Spectacular Trailer


Online RPGs have felt stagnant for a while now. South Korean developer Smilegate agrees, and hopes Lost Ark Online, the hack ‘n slash that they’ve been developing for three years, is just what the genre needs, according to The Korea Times.

Demons, mecha, angels, robots, titans, leviathans, dragons, and more all inhabit a gorgeously realised fantasy world, which you get to traipse through while killing stuff with your friends. There will be a total of 18 classes to choose from, but for now (courtesy of the official website and an image found on 3dnews.ru) we know of five:

The Fighter, who is meant to round out a party;

Lost Ark Fighter

The Warrior, for those who enjoy “strategic” play;

Lost Ark Warrior

The Gunner, who has an “intricate” playstyle;

Lost Ark Gunner

The Magician, for those who prefer a “light” playstyle;

Lost Ark Magician

and an as yet unrevealed class that will focus on “management”. The game will also have combat mounts with various abilities.

As Westerners, we’re used to being excluded from Korean titles but, thankfully, the game will eventually be localized for Western markets: according to executive Ji Won-gil, the title has actually been created from the outset with both domestic and international audiences in mind. For now, Lost Ark Online is still in development, with plans to hold a closed beta some time next year—for South Koreans only, sadly.

A lot of people are already saying this is the Diablo 3 that should have been, and I don’t disagree with them, if the video’s anything to go by.

More details have been promised for the 2014 G-Star event, which happens next week in Busan, South Korea, so we’ll let you know what we find out then.



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