Gushing Over Magical Girls anime is even more extreme than the manga

Gushing Over Magical Girls

The Gushing Over Magical Girls anime has had fans excited ever since it was announced last year, and worries that it would be toned down or censored appear to be unfounded as the anime is even more risque than the manga.

We can’t link directly to the more explicit scenes in the anime; but to give an example a scene where the protagonist Utena Hiiragi makes her magical villainess transformation she’s completely topless and uncensored. Meanwhile the manga makes use of the typical bubbles and flesh-colored silhouette to preserve her modesty.

The show is (in)famous for its ecchi scenes where the protagonist awakens to sadistic proclivities against the magical girls that she’s admired so long after being recruited by the forces of evil as a magical villainess.

The uncensored version of Gushing Over Magical Girls is airing on AT-X, and is also the version that English-speaking distributor HIDIVE is using for their subtitled release. In recent years, HIDIVE has slowly been creating a reputation for uncensored (or at least less censored) anime releases, setting them apart from competitors.

According to HIDIVE, the AT-X version of the show has some audio changes, but visually will remain wholly uncensored. It’s unclear what these audio changes are at the time of writing.

You can check out Gushing Over Magical Girls for yourself on HIDIVE.



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