GungHo and 17-BIT Have Entered An Alliance


GungHo Online Entertainment (publisher for Ragnarok Online and Puzzle & Dragons, among others) and 17BIT (responsible for Galak-Z) have entered into an official partnership to promote and publish new titles together, with the announcement of the partnership coming from GungHo.

The CEO of GungHo has since said that 17-BIT’s recreation of the classic genres for newer gaming systems fits right in with GungHo’s ideals, and will helpful in expanding their gaming portfolio. In addition, the partnership will allow 17BIT to continue to work toward their classic gaming experiences without needing to compromise themselves in the process.

No new game details have been announced as of yet, nor any concrete plans of the first move of the new alliance, but you can bet good things will come of this.

Chris Gregoria


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