Gundam Evolution PC network test is now live

Gundam Evolution PC network test is now live

Bandai Namco announced the Gundam Evolution PC network test is now live.

Pre-registrations have been live for the Gundam-themed hero shooter’s PC stress test for weeks now, but players still have a chance to get in by requesting access directly through the Steam page as the Gundam Evolution PC network test is now live. The playtest lasts until April 12th at 6:00 PM PDT.

Gundam Evolution is a 6v6 hero-based arena shooter where players control a wide range of mobile suits from a variety of Gundam anime and manga series. The game’s English YouTube channel recently uploaded a trailer showcasing the Marasai and Gundam Exia that were announced a few months back.

The Marasai is a mass-produced mobile suit that originally appeared in Zeta Gundam. It was developed by Anaheim Electronics to give the Anti Earth Union Group a mainline mobile suit with superior performance to the Hizack, but found its way into Titans service due to political pressure regarding the manufacturer’s support for AEUG. Many Marasai units survived the Gryps Conflict and found their way into the hands of Neo Zeon, serving in several of the wars that followed. The Marasai in Gundam Evolution is one such example, sporting the green color scheme, Fedayeen Rifle, and Sea Serpent electric whip used by Zeon Remnants in Gundam Unicorn.

The Gundam Exia is the main Gundam from the first season of Gundam 00, and is piloted by the series’ protagonist, Setsuna. Like all of Celestial Being’s Gundams, the Gundam Exia is a highly advanced machine that far outclassed conventional mobile suit designs of the era, due in no small part to its GN Drive. Referred to as the Gundam Seven Swords while in development, the Exia is geared almost entirely for melee combat with its arsenal of beam sabers and GN blades.

You can see both of these mobile suits in action in the trailer below.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Gundam Evolution PC network test is now live

“Move Beyond Your Limits!”

GUNDAM EVOLUTION is an online free-to-play FPS title in which players take control of Mobile Suits from the hit Gundam anime and challenge other players online in six-versus-six objective based battles. Featuring fast-paced action and immersive controls, players can switch between many different Mobile Suit Units to suit the ever changing battle conditions. Utilize their unique characteristics and cooperate with teammates to secure the win.


  • Varied Units – You can pilot Units from across the Gundam multiverse. Each of the various Units feature different attack skills, support functions and HP levels. Select your favorite Unit that matches your play style.
  • Thrust System – Activating the Thruster Gauge kicks the action into overdrive.Use Thruster Movement to cover long distances fast and Dash for rapid bursts of acceleration.
    Utilizing the Thrust System, pilots can move effectively around the battlefield and use sudden surprise movements to their tactical advantage.
  • G-Maneuver – In addition to their innate abilities, Units are equipped with powerful G-Maneuver effects.These effects, which can be activated when the G-Maneuver Meter reaches 100%, vary from unit to unit.
    Push your Units to the limit as you lead your team to victory!

While the Gundam Evolution PC network test is now live the game releases in 2022 for Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.



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