GRIME II announced


Clover Bite has announced GRIME II, their new metroidvania sequel to their hit original game.

GRIME II is in development for Windows PC (via Steam), though a release date wasn’t announced.

The original GRIME has been available on Windows PC (via GOGSteam, and the Epic Games Store), Xbox, and PlayStation. The Switch port for the game is still coming – and will launch soon. A third update for the game will come alongside the Switch port, too.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Become a stealer of forms in GRIME II, the sequel to 2021’s acclaimed action-adventure metroidvania. You are a Formless – an art mimic, absorbing creatures and summoning molds in their shape.

Venture into a new and mysterious land in the GRIME universe, where danger and wonder await around every corner. Use your surroundings in tandem with your summoned molds to overcome deadly enemies and epic bosses, all the while exploring a deep world full of diverse cultures and characters.

Create your own playstyle by choosing from a variety of abilities, weapons, and mold summons. Learn the makings of your enemies as you summon their form to both aid you in combat, as well as in exploring the various secrets paths of the world.


  • Molds- Absorb defeated enemies, shaping them into molds which can then be used for special attacks. Use molds to throw enemies, fire projectiles, stun, and even turn into summons.
  • Environmental Combat – Wherever you go, the environment provides ample opportunities to damage enemies nearby or from a distance. Be wary, for they can do the same to you!
  • Parry and Grasp – Send hand-tendrils to either parry enemy attacks or grasp and absorb them, drawing you closer to learning their shape.
  • A Lived-in World – Discover incredible locations made of painted nails and giant vases, each with its own unique civilization, culture, and deep characters to converse with.


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