Grease-Proof Xbox One Controller Announced

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While Microsoft previously launched an adaptive controller designed for gamers with physical disabilities – the company has shown off a new Xbox One controller themed around PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds, and it has a grease-proof coating.

The controller was made to celebrate the game reaching it’s 1.0 build on Xbox One this week. The logic to the tie-in being the game’s “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” phrase when you manage to be the last-man standing, and the fact… Roast chicken can be greasy.

Head-scratching aside, Xbox claims the urethane coating is “impervious to minor scratches, water, and of course, roast chicken grease.” Only 200 of the controllers are being made, each one printed with their issue number.

Five of the controllers are being given away in a contest on Xbox ANZ’s Facebook group, but no other information of how to obtain the rest of if they will be available for sale is available at this time.

In the past Xbox Australia have also created an Xbox Onesie partnered with Forza Motorsport 7, a pop-up hotel where guests could play the Xbox One X and select games early, and real life Supply Drops from the aforementioned PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds.

What do you all think? Do you want urethane coating to become the standard? Are you waiting with baited breath to see what weirdness Xbox Australia comes up with next? Sound off in the comments below.



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