Grasshopper Manufacture is Talking With Marvelous to Port Older No More Heroes Games to Modern Platforms

Now that No More Heroes III is finally happening, many fans have been wondering if the previous games will be made available on modern platforms. Series creator Goichi ‘Suda51’ Suda has talked up the possibility of porting the older games to modern platforms.

Suda confirmed Grasshopper Manufacture is in talks with Marvelous to port the older No More Heroes games to modern platforms, in an interview with Dengeki PlayStation.

While details are scant, Suda noted the talks are progressing well, and he hopes to make a great announcement. It’s worth pointing out that Marvelous is the IP holder for the series.

Lastly, Suda mentioned the PlayStation 4 version of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is the “complete edition,” as it comes with all the post-launch downloadable content, as well as original t-shirts that are exclusive to the PS4 version.

The latest game in the series, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, is now available for Switch, and is coming to PS4 and PC on October 17th in Japan (a western release date hasn’t been confirmed yet). No More Heroes III is launching for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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