Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising gameplay trailer showcases Anila

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising

Publisher Cygames and developer Arc System Works shared a new gameplay trailer for Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising showing off new playable character Anila.

Here’s a rundown on the enhanced re-release, plus the new gameplay:

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising

While maintaining the high quality presentation typical of Granblue Fantasy and the easy-to-play game system for beginners that was well received in the previous title, many new elements have been added, including new actions, multiple new characters, and various modes that have evolved.

Furthermore, Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising adopts the long-awaited rollback netcode system to realize more comfortable online battles. The game also supports cross-play between PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam, allowing players to battle and interact with more players.

Many new actions added!

The entire game of Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising has been powered up in various aspects. Numerous new elements have been added in battles, allowing players to enjoy simple gameplay with deep tactics.

In addition to Ultimate Abilities, new actions and systems are available and will be released in the future.

New Actions – Ultimate Abilities

Ultimate Abilities This is an enhanced version of the abilities (special moves) available to each character.

The opponent’s movement is slowed at the moment of activation, making it effective for counterattacks that would normally be impossible, or for counterattacking against checks and balances.

There are situations where only Ultimate Abilities can be used for follow-up attacks, allowing for a wider variety of combos.

Many new characters join the game! All characters from the previous game appear!

In addition to the 24 characters from the previous title, many new characters have joined Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising.

New story depicted in the new Story Mode

The RPG mode of the previous title has been simplified and revamped as “Story Mode” in order to increase the volume of the story. By eliminating item collection, growth elements, and some quest battles, the story can be enjoyed more easily.

The story is a continuation of the previous work, with new characters. The entire storyline of the previous 50 episodes is also included, allowing users who have not yet played the previous title to enjoy the new storyline.

Enhanced Graphics

The graphic aspect of the game has also evolved, incorporating a picture design and expression more similar to the illustrations in “Grabble,” while maintaining visibility when playing against the enemy. The new Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising can be enjoyed with new visuals and higher quality images.

Online Lobby Expanded to “Islands”!

The online lobby, which was well received in the previous title, has been significantly powered up. In the previous title, players were able to freely move around on the deck of the Grand Cipher, but in this title, in addition to that, the stage has been expanded to include an island. In the lobby, players can control their own avatars, communicate with other players, and request a match.

New mode “Grand Bruise Legends”

A party game that can be played with a large number of players, Grand Bruise Legends is a party game that can be played with a large number of players, has been added as a new dedicated online mode.

Grand Bruise Legends is a party game that can be played with a large number of players, is newly available as a dedicated online mode. The Grand Bruise Legends features a variety of mini-games that can be played by dozens of players.

The mini-games include battle royale-style games in which players compete to survive, team-based battles for position, cooperative battles to defeat the enemy, and other games with a variety of rules. Players who are not good at fighting games can play “Gurabatte! is a full-fledged game that can be played as a break between fights or as a main game for players who are not good at fighting games.

Grand Bruise Legends game rules

  • Rising Dash – An obstacle race to reach the goal while conquering various attractions. Enjoy the crazy battles where anything goes, including using items to obstruct your opponents!
  • The Hihirokane Party – In this game, teams are divided into teams and compete to collect the most kanets they can carry to their own positions in the time allotted. As in Rising Dash, there is an element of sabotage, so loose teamwork is important!

English trailer

Japanese trailer

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising is launching sometime in 2023 across Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, worldwide.



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