Grab Some Popcorn: Trailers and Let’s Play for Total War: Attila

total war attila 2015-02-10

Since we last discussed Total War: Attila, Sega have released a bunch of videos for the turn-based strategy game, which you can watch below. The first two videos are trailers, and the last is an hour of gameplay, so get comfortable.

Total War: Attila takes place in 395 AD, at the start of the Dark Ages, and has 56 factions, each with their own unit roster and agenda, 46 of which begin with a region and capital, and ten of which begin without.

The game is claimed to have “improved core gameplay and UI […] including politics, family tree, civic management and technological progression,” and “improvements and optimizations to both campaign and battle visuals”. It also includes a new “raze” mechanic, with which players will be able to “wipe entire cities and regions from the face of the campaign map” with fire.

Sega detailed the special physical edition of the game a while ago, which you can pour over here.

Total War: Attila will launch for PCs on February 17.

Ashen Horse trailer

Black Horse trailer

Let’s Play

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