Gothic Remake in Full Production for PC and Next Gen Consoles, Launches After 2020

Gothic Remake

THQ Nordic has announced the Gothic remake will now enter full production.

In late December 2019, Publisher THQ Nordic and developer THQ Nordic Barcelona released a prototype Gothic remake to gauge reactions and to see if fans wanted it.

Now, THQ Nordic has announced that production on the remake will now go ahead. “The answer is clear: The fans are up for a new “old” Gothic game and the vast majority (read: 94,8%) was in favour to develop a remake of the iconic German RPG Gothic.”

Publishing the results of the survey of the 43,111 participants (both in summery and in full), the majority of them were aged 22 to 27 (though a sizable chunk were 28 to 35), and found Gothic 2 to be their favorite in the series. Most participants gave an overall score of 80 out of 100.

THQ Nordic will now “establish a new studio based in Barcelona, Spain, and will then assess what players liked and what they want to be different than in the playable teaser. One of the most common mentions was for example the demand for a grittier and less colourful world.”

The Gothic remake will launch outside of 2020, and is in production for Windows PC and next gen consoles.

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