Gothic Remake Being Developed by THQ Nordic’s Alkimia Interactive

Gothic Remake

THQ Nordic has announced developer Alkimia Interactive is working on a remake of 2001’s action RPG Gothic.

The story focuses on the kingdom of Myrtana, where orcs are invading human lands, and everyone is in dire need of ore. Those who break the law are sent to the magically sealed penal colony Khorinis, to mine said ore. Prisoners have taken over the colony, and how the three major factions are forcing the king to negotiate for the mined ore. The player is thrown into the prison, and forced into the conflict.

As stated in the press release (via email), THQ Nordic is incorporating Alkima Interactive, fully setting up the subsidiary studio after the project was green-lit in Summer 2020.  The press release also notes “The team is constantly growing and is still looking for developers to join the family.” Positions available can be found here, and international applications are welcome despite being based in Barcelona, Spain.

Gothic Remake (name TBA) is in development for Windows PC and “next-gen consoles.”

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