Gooner shooter Fallen Aces is now available

Fallen Aces

Publisher New Blood Interactive and co-developers Trey Powell and Jason Bond have released Fallen Aces, their new hand-drawn noir shooter.

Fallen Aces is now available via early access on Windows PC via Steam. The game is planned to be in early access for at least a year or two like New Blood’s other games. The game will be updated with tweaks, hotfixes, new episodes, Steam Workshop support, a level editor, and lots of extra gabagool.

The current state of the early access build includes the entire first level of the game, “Heart of Glass,” which the developers say is “just as polished as it’d be for a final release. We make ’em real good round here, boss.”

Here’s a rundown on the previously announced game, plus a new trailer:

The A.C.E.S. Watchful guardians of Switchblade City. Being taken down, one by one.

Now it’s up to one man, with two fists, to get to the bottom of it all.

Enter a world of heroes, villains, crime, corruption and betrayal.

Fallen Aces is a FPS crime noir that plays right out of the ’90s and looks right out of a comic.


  • A gritty crime noir saga: spanning three episodes and dozens of levels, featuring fully voiced hand drawn comic cutscenes
  • The world is your weapon: use your fists, knives, pipes, trash cans, pistols, Tommy guns and more to take back Switchblade City
  • Non linear level design: Choose your path, use stealth, go loud or try a mixture of both
  • Hand drawn: 100% original art by Trey Powell brings Switchblade City to life
  • Live orchestral OST: Real keys, real brass, real strings. Time to tune up the band, boys!
  • Fuggedaboutit!: Hundreds of lines of authentic period era gangster dialogue injects personality into Fallen Aces
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