Google Stadia controller getting update enabling Bluetooth support

Google Stadia Controller Bluetooth Update Thumbnail

The Google Stadia cloud gaming service is set to shut down soon, creating concerns about its controller, which only worked with the service and nothing else.

Unless something happened, the pad would effectively be nearly unusable for those gaming on phones, though one could connect it through PC with a wired connection and it works perfectly fine.

A major component of the Google Stadia service was cloud gaming through devices that could run those games, such as phones. So it’s likely that those who bought this controller only has this as their option to play such games through their devices.

Fortunately, Google has announced that next week an update will release giving the controller Bluetooth connectivity. So that it will be useable with anything that accepts such a connection, which is practically anything that can play games.

This is certainly good news for any former Google Stadia users who bought the controller, so they can continue using it without needing to replace it.

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